Join us at Azzurra as we launch our new Supplier Series, launching on World Oceans Day, as we celebrate the passion for sustainability that drives our culinary journey. Each month, we’ll highlight a remarkable supplier who shares our passion for sustainability, creating a special dish that resonates with Italy’s flavours and freshness.

At Azzurra, we’re committed to making a positive impact on ocean conservation. Our ‘boat-to-table’ approach focuses on serving the freshest seafood from British waters, prepared simply while ensuring nothing goes to waste. This month, we’re working with Scottish Shellfish’s rope-grown mussels to create our very first dish for the Supplier Series.

Scottish Shellfish is the UK’s leading supplier of rope-grown mussels. Their high-quality mussels are carefully produced by farmers in pristine seas off the Scottish west coast and the Shetland Islands.

Scottish rope-grown mussels are an excellent example of sustainable sourcing. The young mussels settle naturally on suspended ropes, where they grow by feeding on sea plankton, requiring no external feed sources. It takes about three years from settlement for the mussels to be ready for harvesting. These delicious mussels are succulent, plump, and sweet-tasting due to sustainable aquaculture methods.

Our Executive Head Chef, Andrea Mura, has crafted a special dish, the perfect combination of Rigatoni, Shetland mussels, potato, and smoked provola. This exquisite creation can be paired with a specially created cocktail or selected wine pairing, providing a complete and luxurious dining experience.

Discover this dish exclusively through Off The Square, Off The Menu, and be sure to join us every month to discover more incredible suppliers contributing to a sustainable future.

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