Join us every Thursday, where the Azzurra Jazz Trio performs from 7:30pm, bringing a slice of ‘la dolce vita’ with their modern twist on classic Italian and jazz numbers.

Featuring our resident guitar and bass, the Azzurra Jazz Trio alternates each week with a variety of elegant singers and musical flavours throughout the month. Starting as elegant background music to accompany your meal or cocktail at the bar, the evening transforms with soulful melodies enticing people to their feet to dance.

Thursdays at Azzurra turn a regular evening into something spontaneous, elegant, and quite possibly, extending late into the night; you won’t want to be anywhere else in Chelsea

Buon appetito e buona musica!

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Our restaurant and bar are open daily for lunch, dinner and drinks.


Every Thursday at 7:30 pm, the Azzurra Jazz Trio adds a modern Italian twist to jazz classics in Chelsea. Enjoy soulful melodies from renowned singers like Hetty, transforming your evening into a spontaneous, elegant event. Dance the night away!.

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